Friday, January 25, 2013

Finished Petticoat

Challenge number two of the Historical Sew Fortnightly is finished! A few months ago in a fit of boredom I started a petticoat out of a white and pale blue striped cotton/poly blend I had bought from the clearance bin. The fabric has a gorgeous sheen to it but it was blemished in quite a few areas so I wasn't too sad to use it up on a petticoat. I got distracted from the project halfway through and never picked it back up though, so when the UFO (Un-Finished Object) challenge came up I knew it was time to finally finish the petticoat.

When I came back to the project I realized I had cut the petticoat rather wide. I considered reducing it since it's probably wide enough to fit over a hoop skirt but in the end decided to keep it the way it was. It will fill out my skirts nicely at least!

Close-up of the pretty little stripes!
Since the project didn't take me too long to finish I've gained myself an extra weekend for the next project, Underneath It All. I plan to complete a corset and chemise with my extra time, and then I'll have a full set of brand new underthings!

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