Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flora and Fauna

Challenge number 9 is completed! I worked right up until the last minute with this one, so I'll keep my post short and sweet. My entry for the flora and fauna challenge is an Edwardian vest. The vest is a little on the 'soft' entry side as I made a pattern up to fit a woman's figure and didn't really focus on making it as historically accurate in construction as I could.

The Challenge: Flora and Fauna

Fabric: A yard of floral print faux leather and a yard of striped suiting for lining

Pattern: none

Year: 1910's

Notions: thread, buttons

How historically accurate is it? I'd say maybe 60%

Hours to complete: 7

First worn: Will be worn at a galley opening in two days

Total Cost: All of it came from the stash, the leather was originally about $15, the buttons $4, and the lining was a scrap from another project, so less than $20

I'm very pleased with how the vest came out. A little ironing on the lapels and hopefully the lining will stop showing as much, but the faux leather is very hard to iron. I even found buttons to match the theme again!

Pretty girls count as fauna, right?

This vest is destined to become part of a steampunk outfit, and to make it fit me when I put a corset on I think I'm going to add straps and buckles to the sides. I had originally planned corset lacing for the back but I left the project until too late and didn't have time to attempt something so complicated. I did manage to remember to add a pocket though! It's hidden on the inside though. I wanted to try out a welt pocket, but again the leather was so difficult to iron that I scrapped that idea too. In the end I'm pretty glad I ended up with a plainer vest, it has a nice silhouette and I didn't mess it up too much!

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