Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Back On Track

I've been a little lazy these past couple weeks. The only sewing I've done at all was a few hours of work on the Harley Quinn costume. I've started to pull out fabric several times these past days, but then I see the clutter obscuring my sewing table and ultimately decide to just watch another episode of Powerpuff Girls.

I've at least mustered up enough energy to figure out what to make for the Flora and Fauna challenge in the HSF. Low funds means I'm trying to work from the stash as much as possible these next couple weeks. Unfortunately I'm really not much of a floral girl, and the stash is very low on options for this challenge. I do however have a remnant of some gorgeous floral patterned faux-leather which will fulfill both Flora and (sort -of) Fauna!

Unfortunately since it was a remnant of fabric there's barely even a yard of it. I think I might be able to squeeze a vest out of the fabric though. I had been wanting to make a vest for a Steampunk outfit, so this entry is going to be more of a soft-entry. The front of the vest I intend to make as historically accurate as possible, but I want to add corset lacing to the back of the vest.

I plan to design the vest after the center image above. I like the low cut front because I intend to wear the vest with my Edwardian striped blouse and want to show off as much of those gorgeous stripes as possible. The low front designed properly could also be a little reminiscent of the dip-waist belts that were fashionable for Edwardian ladies. I think it will be an interesting challenge to take a menswear item and make it a bit more feminine too. Now to get all the clutter off my poor sewing table...

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