Friday, January 3, 2014

Sewing Bunny

I know I've heard of a sewing cat many time before, but how about a sewing rabbit?


This is Sgt. Pepper, the cutest little nuisance in the world. Every time I lay out fabric to cut, she runs on over and plops herself down in the middle. I know she thinks it's play time when we sit on the floor, but that doesn't explain why she goes straight for the fabric. Or why she won't leave the fabric. I've been nipped at trying to shoo her away!

Perfect place for a nap

Incidentally the fabric little miss Pepper was trying to prevent me from cutting up is the start of HSF '14 challenge #2! I'm pretty proud of myself, planning this far ahead. I have a few little bits and bobs to do for the make do and mend challenge, but I'm more excited about the second challenge. I've decided to get the bustle for my planned Victorian dress out of the way.

When the challenge was announced I had a hard time coming up with an idea for it, bouncing around from one to another for a while. Then, for Christmas my mother got me a Victorian fashion book and in the first few chapters it spoke of the Crinoline and how it was one of the greatest fashion innovations of the time period.

I plan on making a "lobster tail" bustle using this tutorial from American Duchess. I know that a lobster tail bustle isn't really a crinoline, but it is a descendent of the first crinoline style. One could probably call it an innovation of it's own right, a re-styling of the old crinoline to match the fashionable silhouette of the era.

The fabric is an old cotton/poly blend that's been sitting in the stash for a while. Half of it got made into a petticoat at the beginning of last year's HSF, so it seems rather fitting that the other half get used up to kick off this year. And Pepper seems to approve of it!

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