Monday, January 27, 2014

Pretty Pearls

Ever since reading about The Dreamstress's princess inspired pearl bracelets I've been dreaming of a pair of my own. I've always loved pearls and don't often see them as bracelets. I also haven't ever come up with a good excuse to splurge on some real pearls for myself.

While shopping for supplies for another costume I spied strands of fake pearls on clearance for 97 cents each! I decided on impulse to buy them, and a quick scan of the rest of the bead department turned up two sparkly little clasps for $3 each. I couldn't resist and as soon as I got home I started stringing the pearls. A couple hours later and I had the prettiest little pearl bracelets!

The clasps are magnetic which I'm not thrilled with as they tend to fly off every once in a while, but they hold well enough. Even with the modern clasps they look historical enough in aesthetic that I could probably wear them with several time periods. I don't really have any accessories for my outfits so far so these will probably be seeing a lot of use as I complete more costumes!

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