Saturday, February 8, 2014


Pink is not one of my favorite colors, so when the pink challenge came up in the HSF '14 I decided the best course of action would be to make some undergarments. It's been dreadfully cold in my neck of the woods the past few weeks and the idea of making a cozy long flannel skirt started working its way into my head. I had already made a new Victorian petticoat for my bustle dress but I have plans for some Edwardian outfits later in the year that I didn't have any petticoats for.

After a little google-ing I really liked the silhouette of this petticoat example. The first website I found the image on made it out to be 1900's but other webpages I've seen since making the skirt label it 1890's. I found some nice pink flannel in a shade that wasn't too outrageous and set to work.

I started with my mother's old Folkwear walking skirt pattern as a base. I had used it last year and found that it was way too small for me even in the largest sizes, so the first order of business was enlarging each of the panels. Once they were enlarged I laid them out to cut a curve to make it shorter in back and longer in front. Once all the panels were cut out I had a moment of panic when I realized there was barely any fabric left for the ruffle. The panels had taken more than I estimated, and the flannel fabric was less wide than fabric I usually buy so my estimates were off by a yard or two. I was able to squeeze out just enough to make the barest ruffle all the way along the hem, but it is not as full or as long as I had hoped for.

The back doesn't have that nice flare to it that I wanted, but I'm very happy with the skirt otherwise. It's very warm and super comfortable, I've been lounging around the house in it for a couple weeks now. It's nice enough to go out in public with too, though I'm not usually too fond of being seen in public wearing pink. Since I intended to wear it as part of my modern wardrobe as well I finished the skirt with a placket and button. Due to the shortage of flannel I couldn't find a scrap large enough to make the waistband out of, so the white and blue striped fabric from the last two challenges is making another appearance here. I'm starting to think all my challenges will have this fabric, more scraps of it just keep appearing!

The button is a cute little carved piece that's supposed to be a recreation of 1900-1910 style buttons. I think it's supposed to look like mother of pearl maybe, but is most likely made out of plastic.

 The Challenge: #3 Pink

Fabric: Flannel

Pattern: Modified Folkwear #209 Walking Skirt

Year: 1890's/1900's

Notions: 1 Button, Thread

How Historically Accurate is it? I didn't do a ton of research on this one but probably 75% at least

Hours to Complete: Including pattern drafting probably 4

First Worn: A couple weeks ago

Total Cost: I think $25 for the fabric and $3 for a set of two buttons

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