Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catching Up

I've fallen a bit behind on my sewing lately but I've finally found a bit of time to catch back up. I'm in the middle of planning to move back to my home state currently and while our apartment search has finally come to an end the packing is about to begin in earnest. I have a day or two of free time to try and get a couple projects finished and I finally managed to complete my entry for the Black and White challenge.

I had decided on making a simple project for the challenge knowing my time was limited but it still managed to get away from me in the end. I finally finished my Edwardian princess slip however. I will hopefully get a chance to make an Edwardian corset soon and then I'll have an almost complete set of Edwardian undergarments.

I found some lovely cotton lace to use for the insertions and a midweight linen for the fabric. The linen is rather stiff at the moment but will hopefully soften up with a few more washings.

The neckline need a little fixing, it gaps a little but I think cutting it a little lower will fix the problem. Other than that minor issue I couldn't be happier with it.

The Challenge: #9 Black and White

Fabric: 3 yards Linen

Pattern: Self-drafted

Year: 1900's

Notions: 5 yards Lace, Buttons, Thread

How Historically Accurate is it? It's based off my best guess at a period pattern with correct materials and construction method so I'll give it 80%

Hours to Complete: 5 or 6

First Worn: Not yet

Total Cost: Around $25


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    1. It's not vintage, I got it from Dharma Trading Company ( They have a nice selection and it's all 100% cotton! They say it's dyeable which I'm excited to try.