Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gibson Girl Blouse

Just managed to sneak one more project into the UFO deadline! Several months ago I started working on a Gibson Girl Blouse using a pattern from Folkwear. I got as far as cutting all the pattern pieces out of the fabric and then got stalled about the time I needed to start making the pintucks and lace insertions. I think I got a bit intimidated by them, and then other projects came along and the blouse got buried and forgotten about.

I'm fairly lucky that the blouse is one of the very few projects that has ended up in my UFO pile. I'm actually incredibly surprised at myself that I don't have a big UFO pile! I think I tend to just not start a project at all rather than start it and then abandon it. Either way I decided the blouse needed to be finished for the challenge.

When I cut the pattern pieces out I didn't have an Edwardian corset so I cut it to my natural measurements planning to use it in my everyday wardrobe. I still don't have an Edwardian corset, but even uncorsetted I think I could have gone down a size in the pattern. The blouse is so drapey and soft that it's not too obvious, it's mostly just from the back that it looks a tad too large for me.

This is probably one of the most comfortable blouses I've ever worn though! It's made out of a very fine linen/rayon blend. It's a little thin for winter wear but I bet it will be perfect come the fall. It should even be comfortable in the summer despite being black. I'm planning on making a few more variations on this blouse soon.

It looks quite nice untucked for modern wear, though it is a bit short in the back. The pattern included a historically accurate back length and a modern back length so of course I went with the historically accurate one for this version. I'll probably try out the modern length for future incarnations.

Once I finally got around to starting the pintucks I found them not nearly as intimidating as I had thought. I had a few problems with them ended up a little wrinkly but more practice will probably smooth them out in the future. The amount of time they consumed was really the worst part about them. I think I spent longer on the pintucks than the entire blouse construction even though there's just one little panel of them!

The Challenge: #8 UFO

Fabric: Maybe 2 yards of a linen/rayon blend

Pattern: Folkwear Gibson Girl Blouse

Year: 1900's

Notions:Eight buttons, one hook and eye, thread

How Historically Accurate is it? The only inaccurate material is the lace insertions made from nylon and I'm never sure how accurate Folkwear is so we'll call it close to 85%

Hours to Complete: 7

First Worn: Tuesday

Total Cost: I think the fabric goes for around $10 a yard, the buttons were a couple dollars and so was the lace so maybe $25-$30

UPDATE: Since the blouse is a bit too large for me I'm putting it up for sale in my new etsy store Costumes by Ophelia.


  1. I hope it's OK to post this on this entry, I've been enjoying your blog and I nominated it for an award :D

    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much! Looks like I've got some lists to start making lol

  2. Oh I LOVE this blouse! I adore pin tucks and lace insertion and you have done a marvelous job on this!! Brava!!! And congrats on the award!!