Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Dilemma

Earlier I posted about a gorgeous striped fabric that I found for a bargain a few weeks ago. The plan was to make a corset out of it because the next challenge is stripes and my wardrobe desperately needs a straight-front corset. Then I finished the blousewaist for the previous challenge and I started feeling a little fickle.

The fabric in question

I really need to make the corset, but it's such a gorgeous fabric to use on something that will be hidden away. The pattern for the blousewaist called for close to 4 yards of fabric, but after making it nearly half the fabric hadn't been touched. There is just over two yards of the striped fabric so with a little craftiness I may be able to fit the pattern on it. I'll have to make the adjustments needed to the pattern and lay it all out to see if it fits. If a blouse isn't possible out of the fabric, I'll just have to default back to the corset.

On the brighter side a spontaneous trip to an antique store this morning yielded an amazing costume find. I had been going to this particular store because the last time I visited there was a collection of antique laces and trims. When I arrived this time I found it all gone however. Somewhat discouraged I took a quick spin of the place in case it had moved and found two baskets of old linens. I dug through them for a bit in case some lace was hidden but instead I found a gorgeous pair of crocheted gloves!

I really don't know all that much about gloves and I'm having a very hard time finding more than just a general overview of their history. I think crocheted gloves came more into fashion around the Regency era though, right? Could anyone with more knowledge than me help me out?

They fit me great though! Every time I find a pair of pretty kid gloves they are just way too small for me, but the crochet stretches just enough to fit. I'm excited to have such an elegant new accessory for my wardrobe.


  1. Nice! I wish I could find a pattern!

  2. Oh how beautiful! I wonder how hard those would be to make...

  3. Stopped by to ooh and ahh over your completed shirtwaist -- and noticed the gloves. Great find! I have a pair almost just like them, and like you say, they are the only pair of vintage gloves that actually fit me. Mine are from the first half of the 20th century -- alas, I don't know enough to be more specific.

    Crochet actually didn't come in until the 1830s, when it was "invented," or more likely, rediscovered. Any lace gloves during the Regency era would have been knitted, netted, or something along those lines (I'm guessing).

    1. ahh, thank you so much for the info! even a general time is better than not knowing at all.