Monday, March 25, 2013


My striped blouse is finished! I'm really glad I decided to use this fabric for a blouse instead of the corset I had planned at first, it's just too gorgeous to hide away. I still desperately need to make the corset, but I can find another challenge to fit it into. I also have some loose plans underway for my next steampunk outfit featuring the lovely striped blouse I just finished. But enough of my chattering, on to the details!

The Challenge: Stripes

Fabric: 2 1/2 yards mystery cloth, there was no label but it's definitely synthetic

Pattern: Truly Victorian TVE41 1903 Plain Blousewaist

Year: 1903

Notions: Thread, buttons

How historically accurate is it? Besides the mystery fabric it's pretty much completely historical.

Hours to complete: Around 6

First Worn: Just to snap a quick photo

Total Cost: about $30

This is my second time making this pattern and it was a breeze this time through. I altered the pattern just a bit to take a couple inches of width out of the shoulders. It sits a little funny on my mannequin but fits me just fine, I must have narrower shoulders than I thought. My mannequin also has a rather thick neck, thus the top button won't button on her. Speaking of buttons, I even found striped buttons for my striped shirt!

They're a nice little subtle touch to the design I think. I'm fairly certain the buttons are plastic but they look fairly convincing as brass.

The fabric I used is a bit stiffer than the linen I used the first time around, and the sleeves just have a beautiful shape to them now! The stiffer fabric really helps the round fullness of the bottom of the sleeve.

I'm excited to plan out a full outfit for this blouse! It looks pretty good already with my black skirt, but I was thinking of making a leather vest to go with it for a steampunk outfit. I might make a blue skirt to go with it. I'll have to see what fabric I can find I guess. I'm just excited the blouse turned out so well, I have a feeling the next challenge will give me some difficulty. For starters I don't even know what I'm making for it yet!

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