Sunday, April 7, 2013

Challenge #7 - Accessorize

I've been feeling quite under the weather this past week, so for challenge number seven I just have a small entry. I was having a hard time deciding what to do for the challenge since I tend to focus on clothing more than the accessories that go with it. When I saw the Dreamstress's post about the bum-rump she made I realized I had a corset pattern I've been meaning to make that included bust and hip pads. I would have needed to make them eventually, and with the way I've been feeling I decided they would be perfect for the challenge.

The Challenge: Accesorize

Fabric: 1/4 yard linen-look fabric

Pattern: Truly Victorian Edwardian Corset

Year: 1901

Notions: Thread, Bias tape

How Historically Accurate is it? I think the fabric has synthetic content that might be iffy for this time period, but it's pretty close to fully accurate.

Hours to Complete: 1

Total Cost: Everything came from the stash, so $0!

I haven't gotten around to the bust pads yet, but the bum-rump came out great! I realized halfway through that the ever-present half full bag of fiber-fill I thought I had was missing so I came up with a thrifty solution. I usually leave a paper bag near my sewing table to throw small scraps of cloth in. I rarely use them but can't always bring myself to throw it all away. My hoarding tendencies paid off this time as I just shredded up a bunch of the scraps to fill the pad with instead. It made the pad a little on the lumpy side, but it will have a couple layers of cloth over it to hide that. Plus I have a feeling the scrap fabric might be a bit more historically accurate than the polyester fiber-fill I had planned to use.


  1. I love this it is much better than my attempt which consisted of three separate pieces filled with art horse hair it gave me the right shape I wanted but I think I will make another one like yours.

    1. thank you! It was super easy to make, you could whip up one of your own in no time!